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Safety Measures

Protecting your personal files and our therapeutic communications are an important part of the counselling process, to help you feel safe and in keeping our sessions private and confidential. I am commited in keeping your information secure and private and hope you will do the same, below are some safety measures for you  to consider before we get started.


Will you be using a family, work or private computer for your counselling sessions?

Family/Shared computer

Password protecting your personal files, documents or email account can help towards keeping your personal information private and confidential from others that share the same computer. Ensure that you close and sign out of each program or browser after its use. Consider setting up an "hushmail" email account that offers full encryption and protects your privacy and our therapeutic communications. You can also use a memory stick (usb) to transfer and safely store personal documents.


Work computer

Before we begin our sessions together consider if your work place is the right environment for your counselling sessions to take place. Even if you don't share an office room with collegues your employer may still be able to find out what you have been using business computers for by installing a software program such as a keylogger that can log key strokes and monitor your online actions. Ensure that all communications and sessions between us are private and confidential.

Private computer

Make sure your firewall is switched on and that you have an anti virus software installed and upto date, you can do this by going to your computers control panel> system and security settings and check your computers status, You can also download free software programs such as USB cryptainer  or Truecrypt for free that offer encryption to protect sensitive files and personal data. When you save files or personal information, these may also be saved on your hard drive, if you are thinking of selling or discarding your current computer at some point, deleting your personal information from your computer can prevent someone else getting their hands on it.