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Online Communication Methods

You may be familiar with face-to-face counselling and how it works, as with traditional counselling, online communications through Healthier Dimensions is supported by a fully qualified and professional counsellor whom understands the importance of safety online (About Me page). Communications through the cyber world may differ in some respects to traditional method, such as: the lack of physical and auditory cues (depending on your choosen communication preference) you may have come to expect with traditional counselling. Ther are many advantages in accessing online therapy, such as: speaking in private and from the comfort of your own home, it  can be particularly useful  for people who travel frequently or have busy schedules, people whom are home bound for physical health or disability, social difficulties or other personal reasons, those who lack childcare or have limited transportation, living in rural areas with little or no support available to them. 

Below is an introduction to online methods that can assist our therapeutic communications.


Email Therapy


Expressive writing

If you enjoy writing as a form of expression, you may prefer E-therapy (Email therapy) for our communications. E-therapy offers you the time and opportunity to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and experiences and express this through your writing at a pace that is suitable to you. Once I receive your email,  I will carefully consider what you have shared with me and offer you my therapeutic response together with some information and recommendations for you to consider. You may choose to obtain a single email exchange or decide to continue with additional. If you decide to use email therapy as our form of communications, we will agree a date where your email can be submitted within a 48 hour period and I will respond within this time frame, so we know when to expect each others emails. You may set up a fully encrypted email account here for free.

 Live Chat


Live chat therapy works with real time and is similar to Instant messaging (Text) except it is held in a fully encrypted and secure platform. Although it is text based, here notes, images and information can also be shared, depending on the way in which we have agreed to work together. Once you have returned your questionnaire and a date has been set, I will invite you into a private and secure platform which can be accessed through an email link.

 Telephone or Voip


Telephone or Voip (voice over Internet protocol) allows you to use voice without physical cues for our therapeutic communications. Some people may find it easier to discuss sensitive matters and open up without the physical presence, allowing you to focus on what is said through words and voice, minimising any other distractions. It may also be suitable for those who travel frequently and don't want to miss their sessions. Please refer to the Client Agreement for additional information on communications via mobile devices.


 Video Counselling


Video counselling works within real time and visible and auditory cues are present. Here we will be able to conduct a live counselling session, with in the comfort of your own home and private space. You may be familiar with  this type of method if you have ever used Skype with friends and family. Please note, that I do not use Skype to conduct therapeutic communications and video counselling.  All sessions will be held in fully encrypted platforms for privacy and security purposes. You will not need to download any software, a simple invitation will be sent to you via email.


 Blended and mixed sessions

If you would prefer a mixture or combination of the online communication methods, you can indicate this on initial contact or at anytime throughout our communications.

For safe and secure booking and payments: