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You must be 18 years old or over and reside in the UK to access this service.

Process of counselling

Depending on what you may want to bring to your counselling sessions and areas you wish to work on, counselling can be beneficial for many people. Counselling may help you with; unresolved issues, or repeated patterns in your life, personal or interpersonal relationships, fears, worries, sadness, anger and stress related concerns. As we will be entering a therapeutic relationship this will require a willingness and an active role from your part, I will be open and honest with you throughout our communications and hope that you will do the same in order to benefit fully from our time together.

During the initial stages of counselling, opening up and discussing your concerns may cause some level of distress or discomfort to you, working with in a pace that feels comfortable for you may ease some of the discomfort in the initial stages.

As with all engagement through life there are cycles and processes, counselling does not differ, whether it is short or long term counselling you seek, your patience is required through this process.

On initial contact a "Client Questionnaire" will be sent to you for completion, The questionnaire is used to assess your concerns and to consider what may be most beneficial to the area that needs attention. During the course of counselling I will draw upon various psychological theories that may suit your particular needs. Some approaches that may be used are; Gestalt, Person centred, Psychodynamic, Transactional analysis, Cognitive behavioural therapy, but not nessarily limited to these theories and will depend on your personal preference , on how we are to work together and your particular needs.


Dual Relationships

Once we begin counselling we will be entering a therapeutic relationship, this does not mean a sexual or friendship involvement and is never part of the therapeutic process.I will never disclose your identity or our therapeutic involvement to a third party (without your written consent) or on my web page or social media sites. I do not accept friend requests or follow current or former clients  on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, as this may comprimise the confidentiality, privacy and our therapeutic involvement. From time to time I may post blogs on my website or through social networks, if you write a comment, I will ignore it as it may expose our working relationship. I do not accept nor will I ask a testimony from you after our sessions have come to an end, as one of my primary concerns is your privacy.


Privacy and Confidentiality

All information you share with me in sessions and written are private and confidential and will not be sold, shared or disclosed to any third party without your written consent. However, there are certain legalities in place that may over ride this agreement such as, when disclosure is required by law, for issues concerning and in suspicion of the safety of you and others; a child, an elderly dependent or a physically disabled person. For these reasons, I will have a ethical and legal obligation to breech cofidentiality. Other than for legal and ethical obligations outlined in this agreement, all communications between us will remain private and confidential and you are required to do the same and understand that all records of our communications remain the property of Healthier Dimensions.

I regularly see a supervisor to discuss clients, this is to monitor my work and ensure that I am offering you a high standard of service. Your personal details will not be revealed and your identity will remain anonymous.

If I become concerned about the safety or well being of you or others throughout the counselling process and once counselling has ended, if I feel there is imminent danger or a safety risk to you or others and that I feel there is no way of preventing such outcome , I have a legal obligation to do whatever it takes to protect you or others from harm or injury and reserve the right to contact your G.P, the emergency medical services, the police or your emergency contact to ensure that you or others get the appropriate care and medical treatment.


Confidentiality and Technology

All communication between us on the booking, payment and therapy platform ( ) are safe, private and fully encrypted channels. If you prefer to contact me through Healthier Dimensions other secure channels such as email, you agree that if we are to enter a therapeutic relationship together you will set up a "hushmail" email account or a secured passphrase that will keep our sessions private and secure. I will not respond to your emails through unsecured regular emails unless you answer a security question. Texting on mobile devices are acceptable for appoinment arrangements only and not for exchanging personal information about yourself. If you phone me on your mobile device please be aware that this is not a private form of communication. To protect your identity I will not store your name on my phone. You understand that all texts, emails,notes and scripts remains the property of the counsellor at Healthier Dimensions and that posting on social networks or forwarding direct information about the counsellor or verbatim information from sessions to any third party is prohibited.

Your personal data will be stored in an encrypted file and passcoded for extra security and protection. I request that you do the same, for information on how to protect sensitive files and information, go to the" safety measures" page on Healthier Dimensions website for advice on personal, shared and business computer use.

Whilst I will take great care to ensure that all your personal information and identity is private and secure and in accordance with the data protection act, you understand that the internet is not completely secure. Communications should only be transmitted through the encrypted channels.


Storing Data Procedure

Your personal data will only be stored as long as nessessary, untill the service provided to you is complete.


In Case of an Emergency

If you need to contact me in between sessions to inform me of an emergency, Please call me on 07858 509079, I will return your call as soon as possible, I check my phone regularly, and less in the evenings, I do not answer my phone on bank holidays, Saturday after midday or when I am taking a break or away. If you or anyone else are in a crisis which needs immediate attention, call 999 medical or the police service or Samaritans on: 08457 90 90 90 UK services. If you are experiencing a crisis during our session, we will immediately switch to phone chat as an emergency protocol.


Technology Breakdown

In the light of a technical breakdown during our therapeutic sessions, try signing out and then in again, if after 10 minutes we are unable to re- connect we may need to switch to Live chat or re-schedule the session.


Limitations to Online Counselling 

You understand that online counselling by no means replaces the care in which you may be under with a doctor or a psychiatrist, nor is it used as a substitute for medication provided by your primary care team. You understand that online counselling is not suitable for a crisis situtaion or if you are feeling suicidal or homicidal. You understand that online counselling differs in some respect to traditional face to face counselling, such as with the lack of visual or auditory cues that you may have come to expect.

You understand that I abide by ethical quidelines and professional regulations of the BACP and the online ethical framework of the Online Therapy Institute and ACTO and therefore, follow strict ethical procedures to ensure your privacy and confidentialty is maintained and that I only work with adults aged 18 years of age and over and whom reside in the UK.


Fees, Payment and Cancellations

The fees and duration of counselling sessions are displayed on Healthier Dimensions web site and counselling directory sites and vary depending on the method of service and the amount of sessions you choose. For online counselling, payments can be made in advance through the booking system on appointlet and are secure Paypal transactions or for in-person counselling - at the end of each session. Before you consider making payment and starting your counselling sessions I request the  "Client Questionnaire"" form to be read, signed and returned and the "Client Agreement" form agreed before we can procede. I offer week days, evenings and Saturday morning appointments (depending on availabilty) and aim to offer you an appointment that best suits your personal preference.

Once sessions have been paid and a time slot booked, I request at least 48 hours notice in order  to cancel a session. You understand that failure to cancel a session before the 48 hours notice, you will be liable to pay the full session fee and there will be no refunds for this session.

If you are unable to connect on the day of our appointment, you can send me a text no later than 15 minutes before our session is due, we can go ahead and re-schedule the appointment.


If you have any questions or concerns about this agreement, please do not hesitate to contact me.