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Nov 15

Secrets to a Happier Relationship

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Relationship advice


5 Secrets to a Happier Relationship

We all long for intimacy and closeness with a partner at some point during our lives. Here are 5 tips that can build the foundations of a happier relationship, based on mutual acceptance and respect for one an other.

Someone to share with: We may find ourselves becoming romantically involved during different stages throughout our  lives, we may enter new relations with internal expectations that have been shaped by our past experiences. If you have just come out of or, are still affected by a previous relationship, it may be useful to grieve, recover and find closure to some of these issues beforehand, so that our thoughts and feelings from previous relationships are not impacting our new ones. A partner is not for filling in the emptiness or void in our lives, but to share our happiness with. 

You are both equal: No one person is better than another. No matter what background, upbringing or culture they come from or what race or gender you are. Accepting equal boundaries can prevent powers struggles and defences from occurring and break down some emotional barriers that one of you might be feeling.

Communicate: We all too often hear about how important communication is in relationships, if we allow the issue to escalate before we say something, it may come out as a full blown volcanic eruption. Try talking about the little things that bother you and address the issue at hand, avoid getting personal or character assassinating as this may cause some level of defence and result in communication coming to a hault.

Embrace the uniqueness: We may have certain ways in handling situations and come to believe that ours is the right and only way. Your partner may go about matters in a different manner to you. As long as you both arrive at the same destination, accept their individual and unique ways.

Grab the opportunity: Having multiple roles and responsibilities can distract us from the important things in life, finding time for one another may seem impossible. Try putting the smaller things aside, rather than accepting that one day you will get around to it, book quality time together in like an important meeting you can not miss. In the midst of career or parenting we all too often forget our reasons why we chose to spend our lives with our partners in the first place, by reflecting may help you re-define what is priority and of importance to you.

Happy Relationships!

Authour:  Hulya Kusella, Integrative counsellor, founder of Healthier

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