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Dec 10

Make Stress Work for You!

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We often view stress as negative and an unhelpful source that we could do without in our lives. We hear this word often and used frequently; you could bump into a friend rushing around doing their daily chores and when asked how they are, they may respond with "I'm stressed". So, for a word that we hear often and have all experience of, what does the word actually mean? and why does it affects us to the extent it does?

Stress is the bodies natural response to demands placed upon us from the outside world, it can be experienced through external stimulation but is not always about others demand but also related to the expectations we may set upon ourselves. If we believe that we must put others needs before our own, this could put an enormous amount of tension on us (see living for others) on top of the rest of our responsibilities.

What is research saying:

  • 4 out of 5 people suffer with stress
  • Half a million people in the UK experience work related stress making them ill
  • 12 million people see their G.P each year with mental health problems much of it stress related
  • Stress is one of the main risks to mental and physical health

When our stress levels become too high the effects on our body and mind can range. If we are not looking out for the symptoms or unaware of the impact of stress, it may go unnoticed and prolonged stress could have serious health risks:

  •  Headaches/migraines
  •  Back and shoulder aches and pains
  •  Feeling numb in hands and feet
  •  Skin problems (eczema,apsoriasis)
  •  Increase risk in heart disease and strokes
  •  Poor memory or lack of concentration
  •  Weakened immune system (more prone to viruses)
  •  Fatigue and tiredness
  •  Anger or rage
  •  Depression or anxiety
These are just some of the symptoms related to high levels of stress


Stress signs

Why do we need stress in our lives?

As mentioned earlier; stress is the body's response to external stressors. Imagine crossing a road with no stress.. your brain will not recognise that the truck approaching you can have detrimental consequences if it hits you, therefore, your body will not respond, no adrenaline will pump through your body to step onto the curb or run to the other side. It is the stress that alerts you when something is dangerous or life threatening, its the bodies way of protecting you.
A healthy amount of stress can also help you meet deadlines, fight off infections, find creative solutions and provide you with a sense of enjoyment. 

How can stress management and counselling help cope with stress?


High levels of stress can help protect us from dangerous or threatening situations. Some people may go about their daily lives with this alert button continuously switched on. Experiencing high levels of stress everyday puts immense strain on your psychological and physical health.

Counselling and stress management programs can help you identify your levels of stress, the triggers and the stressors in your life, it can help you understand how stress works with your mind and body and how to recognise signs and symptoms before they become overwhelming, we may not be able to change some stressors in our lives, but we can find healthy ways to deal with the situation, therefore, finding a healthy level of stress is vital for your health, relationships and life.

Counselling and stress management programs can increase self awareness and help you find a balance, it can equip you with skills and techniques to reduce your stress and enhance a healthy level.

For more information about Online Counselling and Stress Management, contact Hulya at

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