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  Workshops for Organisations   


Healthier Dimensions offers a range of mental health and wellness workshops to employers, staff and their members:



 Overcoming the Superwomen Syndrome

In today's society many women may be able to identify with the difficulties and struggles in balancing various domains and roles in their lives. This workshop provides useful information and an insight into today's superwomen, looking at reasons, causes and, at what expense. It will help you engage and identify with your own personality style,  role and limitations and provide you with useful techniques and protocols to encourage you to create your own personal pathways to wellness, good health and better relationships.


 Mental Health Awareness

This course has been created for those people who work in the community                                                            Mental Health

and are likely to come in contact with people whom are experiencing  mental health problems.

This one day workshop will help you challenge stigma, clear some misconceptions about mental health,

identify signs of potential mental health problems and help you find ways to offer support

and promote positive mental health.

Strengthening the Adult with Mindfulness

Throughout our life experiences, we take on different roles to help us deal with situations that arise, most often we may find ourselves reacting rather than responding to a situation, these may be influenced by our past taught influences or a set of childhood experiences that have formed our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. This workshop will help you identify the roles you play with others through transactions, understand how communication breakdown may occur and look at how we can strengthen the adult by being mindful without switching unconsciously and ineffectively through our experiences, allowing us to choose what we would like to focus on and experience each given moment as a new encounter. 

Are We Bad or feeling Sad?

Do you describe yourself as a different person or out of control when you feel angry?

Do you say things that later regret? Are you reacting to anger_pic.jpgsituations that are putting strain on your relationships?

This course has been designed to help understand anger and how to manage it. During the course you will discover:

  • your own personality style in dealing with anger
  • clearing up mis-conceptions of anger 
  • understand why we fixate or become obsessive
  • how little things can magnify
  • the link between stress and anger
  • how we can get ourselves out of awkward or heated situations
  • dealing with anger in a positive and healthy way


If you would like to know more about our courses or to receive a programme, please get in touch