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About Healthier Dimensions


Healthier Dimensions was originally set up in 2007 as a traditional face-to-face therapeutic practice. Since the website was originally launched I had many online enquiries from people, asking whether I covered other regions, I started to consider the limitations of my practice and how I could offer a multi- dimensional counselling practice that would live up to its domain. After undergoing specialist training in online therapy, Healthier Dimensions was relaunched as an Online Integrative Counselling and an Holistic Coaching Practice in 2013.

Healthier Dimensions now offers online integrative counselling and holistic life coaching through the delivery of a range of service methods such as: E-therapy, Live chat, Telephone or Voip and Video-counselling, the aim is to provide a truly holistic and integrative approach to health, emotional, psychological and physical dimensions and to make counselling and coaching accessible to all individuals whom may have busy schedules, travel regularly, homebound, limited child care or transportation, living in rural areas of the country with no or little therapeutic support. As counselling is about offering a person a  private space to explore concerns that may be a sensitive matter, it is important that the individual has a right to choose how they would like access their therapeutic support.

Healthier Dimensions also offers face to face counselling to individuals residing in the South London region and organisational workshops for employers and their staff, feel free to visit our services section for more information